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  • 5 Dimensions of Peace: AWARENESS
    5 Dimensions of Peace: AWARENESS
    Categoría: Espiritualidad
    5 Episodios
    548 310
    Over the coming months, we’ll be presenting numerous shows that feature an Alignment Movie or TV session around these Five Dimensions of Peace:


    Peace is a big topic and we have much ground to cover. We’ve been researching and preparing for this project for almost a year now. ... Más informaciones
  • 5 Dimensions of Well-Being
    5 Dimensions of Well-Being
    Categoría: Salud
    13 Episodios
    790 444
    Over the coming weeks, we’ll be presenting 13 shows that feature an Alignment Movie or TV session around these Five Dimensions of Well-Being:

    •Work Life

    Well-being is most usefully thought of as the dynamic process that gives people a sense of how their lives are going, through the interaction ... Más informaciones
  • Heart Aligned Leadership
    Heart Aligned Leadership
    Categoría: Business
    5 Episodios
    167 73
    We created this series for anyone that leads people. This includes those in business, education, parents, and those on a team aspiring to lead some day.

    In each episode, you’ll receive an Alignment Movie uniquely created to shift that patterns that allow for Heart Aligned Leadership.
  • In Search of Tolerance
    In Search of Tolerance
    Categoría: Psicología
    5 Episodios
    117 115
    Welcome to our five part series on discovering tolerance. We created this series to assist with interpersonal relationships. Inevitably our emotional “stuff” gets stirred when we engage with others and begin the process of connecting at deeper levels.

    These alignment movies will assist you in making a shift to more tolerance in your ... Más informaciones
  • Prosperity Series
    Prosperity Series
    Categoría: Cine
    5 Episodios
    172 87
    Are you living a life filled with prosperity and abundance in all the areas of life? Are you thriving physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and energetically?

    Are you looking for a change that will shift you from lack of enough money to abundance like you’ve always dreamed?

    Then take this journey to prosperity with ... Más informaciones
  • Speaking The Language of The Heart
    Speaking The Language of The Heart
    Categoría: Psicología
    5 Episodios
    521 138
    We created this series to help us and others align with the heart in our communication styles.

    In this series we’ll discuss 5 alignment movies that will help you with the following:

    •Shift away from communication styles that build walls around you.
    •Understand what people are really saying and decipher how to connect at a deeper level. ... Más informaciones
  • The Alignment Process
    The Alignment Process
    Categoría: Cine
    3 Episodios
    213 60
    What's The Alignment Process? It’s An Energetic Shift
    When doing these Alignment Process (AP) movie sessions, each movie you watch creates an internal energetic shift. The shift means a filter in your system has been removed. Think of the light that pours in when a blind fold is removed from your eyes, you now have a wider view and ... Más informaciones
  • Time For Happiness Series
    Time For Happiness Series
    Categoría: Cine
    5 Episodios
    339 121
    Welcome to our Time For Happiness series. In this five-part series we'll present some terrific Alignment Process movies to help you make a profound shift to happiness in your life.

    We had a blast creating these episodes - we hope you enjoy them!
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